New Member Orientation

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Interested in becoming part of our growing family?
Sterling Volunteer Fire Company is always looking for new members to help staff our fire trucks and/or perform basic administrative functions around the station. No experience necessary and all training is FREE. Our next new member orientation is Sunday, 08/17/2014 at 7pm held at Fire Station 18 (46700 Middlefield Drive Sterling VA 20165). For more information e-mail
Please bring two forms of ID, a letter of reference, and a recent copy of your DMV driving record to orientation, if possible. If you are under eighteen years old and desire to be a new member, we recommend you bring your parent/guardian and a copy of your recent school transcript with you. We look forward to meeting you!
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August 20, 2014

Happy (belated) Birthday to the SVFC

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On August 16, 1966 Engine Company 11 was chartered in Sterling Park. The original Ford/LaFrance engine was housed at the barn, formerly part of the Edwards Dairy Farm, on W Holly Ave. Initially an all volunteer company with one station and soon running multiple engines, Sterling expanded to a second station, becoming the first multi station company in Loudoun. As demand for service grew Sterling let the way to what is now the Loudoun County Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management (LCFR) by hiring the first paid firefighter in the county. Today, over 150 volunteers spend hundred of hours each week maintaining and staffing three stations (another first for Loudoun), alongside our LCFR partners. Together we honor those who have gone before us by continuing to offer the highest quality fire protection to the citizens, businesses, and visitors to Sterling.

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August 18, 2014

New Engine Update

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The members of the SVFC are anxiously awaiting the arrival of two new pumpers, new Engine 611 for Sterling Park and new Engine 624 for Kincora. Here are some recent photos. Look for them on the streets of Sterling this fall.





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August 12, 2014

Townhouse Fire for Crew 3

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Townhouse Fire for Crew 3

Just as crews were about to sit down for dinner Engine 611 was alerted for a townhouse fire in Herndon. Their initial assignment was to be part of the Level 1 RIT, but upon arrival they were reassigned to fire attack. While the Fairfax units battled the fire in the building of origin E611 was assigned to a neighboring unit to ensure that fire didn’t spread.

You can see photos and videos, courtesy of Northern Viginia Fire Buffs and their followers.

Photo of E611 by Robert Richard Burns II via Loudoun Fire and News Alerts


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August 10, 2014

SVFC/SVRS Annual Blood Drive – Mon, Aug 25

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We’ve partnered with INOVA Blood Donor Services and the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad for our annual blood drive competition. This year we’re competing with the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department and the Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Squad. Everybody wins as we compete to collect the most donations. This year the blood drive will be held on Monday, August 25th from 2-8pm in Patton Hall, behind the fire station at 46700 Middlefield Drive, in Cascades. You can make an appointment by CLICKING HERE and entering 7547 in the Sponsor Code box. You can also call 1-800-BLOODSAVES (1-800-256-6372). Appointments are not needed, but they may save you time. You can also donate at other INOVA facilities using our Sponsor Code.

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August 9, 2014

Ventilation Class

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A local structure that is scheduled for demolition and was offered by the owners to the SVFC and Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Department for training. Over the past few weeks many groups have done drills, practicing many skills that don’t always work in the places we have available. Today members of the SVFC gathered for an all day class on ventilation, focusing on roof ventilation. We use ventilation to release heated gasses and smoke, making it safer for us to operate and increase the chances of survival for anybody trapped in a burning building.

View the entire photo set HERE.


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July 30, 2014

Commercial Fire for Crew 3

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Around 11:40pm on Tuesday night Engines 624, 611B, 618, Tower 611 and Captain 611, along with Engine 606B and Tower 606 from Ashburn, Rescue 439 from Fairfax, Ambulance 615B from Sterling Rescue, Battalion 601, EMS 601, and Fire Marshal 611 were alerted for a structure fire in a commercial area of Sterling. Members of Sterling Fire completed staffing of Rescue 615, replacing Squad 439. The Tower and Engine 611B arrived on the scene and found smoke and heat conditions in the suite. A search found a small amount of fire in the rear of the warehouse structure. Engine 611B extinguished the fire while the Tower crew made sure that nobody was in the building. Other units checked the neighboring suites and the roof to make sure that the fire hadn’t spread and that everybody was out safely. Towers 611 and 606 worked to remove smoke from the affected suites. The scene was turned over to the Fire Marshal for investigation while units cleaned up and were returned to service when ready.

During the call Engine 623 was transferred to Station 624, and Canteen 611 provided refreshments to crews working at the scene.

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July 21, 2014

Busy Weekend for Crew 4

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Not even 30 minutes after beginning a 37 hour shift on Friday evening Crew 4 was alerted for an EMS call just around the corner from the station. A few minutes later Engine 611B was on the way to a van fire. The evening progressed with the typical EMS calls and auto accidents. Just after 1 AM on Saturday morning Engine 624 was alerted for an outside fire, which was then upgraded to a structure fire, bringing Engines 618, 611B, Tower 611, and Captain 611 from Sterling. Medic 635 from Sterling Rescue, Engines 606, 622B, and Tower 606 responded from Ashburn, Rescue 439 responded from Fairfax, and Battalion and EMS 601 responded. Units found a house fully involved. Once it was determined to be abandoned and unoccupied an exterior attack was used to extinguish the fire, freeing up many of the units to return to service. Less than 12 hours later Engine 624 and Tower 611 joined Ambulance, Medic, and Rescue 615, Battalion 601, EMS601, and Safety 600 for an auto accident with entrapment. The rest of the shift brought more EMS calls, auto accidents, and fire alarms.

Photos by: David Short

photo 3
View from the front seat of Tower 611 of the smoke column in the distance

photo 1
E611B Crew mopping up

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July 18, 2014

Early Morning Crash for Crew 3

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Just before 4am Wagon 611B (from Station 618) was alerted, along with Trauma 625C (Sterling Rescue) for an auto accident on Route 7 at Sterling Boulevard. The report was for an SUV vs a dump truck. Despite the likelihood of a serious accident given the description, time, and location, units arrived to find heavy damage to the vehicles but relatively minor injuries. Modern vehicle construction often keeps passengers much safer than they would have been in a similar situation in an older vehicle. This doesn’t, however, replace taking steps to ensure your own safety. Never drive impaired or tired, always wear your seat belts, always pay attention, and always have a plan B.

Photo by: Ron Claar


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July 8, 2014

Flyout for Crew 5

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Text By: Corey Burke

Engine 624 and Trauma 635 (Sterling Rescue) were alerted for a chemical burn involving a toddler. Quint 618 responded due to the nature and type of facility. Trauma 635 treated the girl and asked for a helicopter bringing AirCare3, Battalion 601, and EMS601. Engine 624 established the landing zone right in the parking lot. Quint 618 handled the investigation and supervised the clean up of the product. They also gathered information about the product for the staff at the hospital and gave it to the flight crew. The girl was flown to DC Children’s hospital.

Photo by: Charles Frey


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