New Member Orientation

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Interested in becoming part of our growing family?
Sterling Volunteer Fire Company is always looking for new members to help staff our fire trucks and/or perform basic administrative functions around the station. No experience necessary and all training is FREE. Our next new member orientation is Sunday, 04/27/2014 at 7pm held at Fire Station 18 (46700 Middlefield Drive Sterling VA 20165). For more information e-mail Please bring two forms of ID, a letter of reference, and a recent copy of your DMV driving record to orientation, if possible. If you are under eighteen years old and desire to be a new member, we recommend you bring your parent/guardian and a copy of your recent school transcript with you. We look forward to meeting you!
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April 16, 2014

Support SVFC with a click

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The SVFC has been accepted into the WTOP Click For A Cause contest. If we get the most votes in our category we could win $10,000! The voting will begin Monday, April 21 and will end on Friday, April 25 at 5pm.


Every voter must have a Facebook account to participate.

Please share this with your friends and family, and don’t forget to vote!

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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

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Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators. The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company would like to give special thanks to the men a women that work in and support our communications center. The voice on the phone when you call 911, the voice on the radio when we respond, as well as those who maintain the tools they use to do their jobs, are all critical to us helping you in your time of need.

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April 15, 2014

Vehicle into structure for Crew 5

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Just after 10:30pm on Monday night Engine 698 (running as Engine Company 618) was alerted, along with Medic 625 from Sterling Rescue, for a vehicle into a structure in Countryside. Tower 611 responded due to the nature of the call. Engine 698 arrived and found that an SUV had clipped the corner of a condo building. They quickly checked to make sure that nobody was injured, then checked to make sure that the building was stable. Rescue Squad 615 and Captain 611 were requested to bring more resources to the scene. Fire Marshall 614 was also dispatched, and Assistant Chief 611 responded. The building was stabilized to prevent further collapse until permanent repairs could be made. Once everything was secure the property was turned over to the owners and units returned to service.


More photos available HERE.

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April 9, 2014

Car Fire for Crew 5

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At 10:46pm on Tuesday night Engines 611B and 624, along with Medic 635 from Sterling Rescue, were alerted for a car fire on Route 28. A car fire is usually a single engine response, along with an EMS unit. On limited access highways like Route 28 engines are dispatched from both sides of the reported location to make sure that both sides of the road are covered. Quint 618 added on to the call due to the location. A larger unit like Quint 618 is useful for blocking traffic, particularly on a busy highway, and ensuring that crews have a safe area to work. Engine 624 found the fully involved vehicle in the southbound lane and began extinguishing the fire. Engine 611B continued farther along to check a report of a car fire at another intersection to make sure that there weren’t two separate incidents. Finding nothing they returned to service. Captain 611 arrived on the scene of the car fire while the crew from Engine 624 put the fire out and Quint 618 helped manage the scene. Units soon returned to service.

Photos by: David Short

photo 2 photo 1

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April 7, 2014

Springtime for Crew 3 and Career Staff

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The volunteers of Crew 3 and the LCFR career staff of Quint 624 took advantage of the springlike weather on Sunday. After morning shift change units were checked out and plans were made for breakfast. The first call of the day came just after breakfast, an EMS call for Engine 611. Not long after that Engine and Tower 611, along with Battalion Chief 601 (LCFR) responded to Dulles Airport for a structure fire. After units returned to the county Engines 611, 624, and 611, Tower 611, and Quint 624 (staffed by LCFR) spend midday in Sugarland. Substation 618 was filled with theatrical smoke and used for fire attack and search drills. After lunch Engine and Quint 624, and Chief 611, were dispatched for an auto accident with rollover. The rest of the evening brought dinner, the promotion of two members of Crew 3, and a handful of calls.



photo 1

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April 4, 2014

Life Saving Unit Citiation for SVFC members

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Today at the National Conference Center members of the SVFC received a Life Saving Unit Citation at an event sponsored by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.

On February 17, 2013 the members of crew 7 were training at station 618 and were notified of a possible heart attack/seizure at Patton Hall, the social hall next to station 618. The hall was rented by a group who conducts a “boot camp” for physical fitness training. The crew entered the social hall to find a patient unresponsive with a civilian performing CPR. Cardiac arrest was confirmed and the crews took over patient care. The patient responded to the treatment and was conscious and alert when Medic 615 (SVRS) transported them to Landsdowne Hospital Center.

Member receiving the award:

  • John Bischoff
  • Michael Blinn
  • Austin Cadang
  • Brett Cunningham
  • William Ermini
  • Daniel Fielden
  • Andrew Gode
  • Jody Odom
  • George Short
  • Matthew Solomon
  • Patrick Todd
  • Jon Wallace
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March 28, 2014

Help prevent fires in your home

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Within the last month there have been 2 major fires in Loudoun County caused by the improper disposal of smoking materials. The fire in Sterling on Monday was one of these incidents. The Fire Marshal’s Office and the LCFR Public Safety Division are working on an campaign to further educate the community about this risk.

Safety Tips from the FMO/PSD:

  • If you smoke, do so outside.
  • Use a deep, sturdy ashtray and be sure it is placed on a surface where it will not tip over.
  • Place cigarettes in proper containers such as metal or ceramic pots filled with sand. Never use plastic containers or anything that holds potting soil or mulch.
  • Be sure to clean out cigarette butt containers often.
  • Place containers away from the house. Never place containers on front porches, decks, or just outside the door.
  • Soak cigarette butts and ashes in water before throwing them away. Hot ashes can smolder for days.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly and replace units as specified by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Conduct regular home fire drills and to make sure everyone in your home knows how to get out and stay out in the event of a fire.

Visit for more information on this and other safety topics.

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March 25, 2014

House Fire for Crew 2

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Monday afternoon was an extremely busy time for public safety in the Northern Virginia region. Farifax County Fire and Rescue Department had two major incidents, in addition to their normal busy call volume, which meant that resources were spread thin throughout the area. The career staff on Engine 611 had been moved into Fairfax county earlier in the afternoon, as had a few other Loudoun County units. Just after shift change on Monday as Crew 2 was checking out apparatus a house fire was reported in Sterling Park. Engine 624, Quint 618, Tower 611, and Chief 611, Trauma 635 (Sterling Rescue), Battalion 601 (Staffed by SVFC), EMS 601 (LCFR), and FM613 were dispatched. A column of smoke was visible in the are and multiple calls were being received, so it was almost certainly a working fire. Chief 611 called for a Level 1 RIT response, a standard practice for working incidents. Due to the units in the area being so busy, the normal mutual aide from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue was not available to assist. This brought units from Ashburn, Leesburg, and Dulles Airport to augment the response. SVFC and SVRS members not on duty came from home staffed Rescue 615. While responding Battalion 601 was able to see heavy fire visible in the rear of the structure, and Rescue 615 arrived on scene to report what appeared to be a basement fire that had spread to the first floor. Due to the amount of the structure already involved in fire, the uncertainty about the stability of the structure, and the potential delay of additional resources arriving on the scene an exterior attack was ordered.

As the incident progressed additional support arrived, including Canteen 611. Other SVFC members staffed Engine 699 at Fire Station 618 (Cascades), while units from Leesburg and Arcola were moved to Fire Station 624 (Kincora) to ensure that Sterling continued to have fire protection. During the incident in Sterling Park Engine 699 responded to a fire alarm in Broad Run Farms, and Engine 611 (having returned from Fairfax) responded to a reported gas leak in Sterling Park along with Engine 609 (Arcola), Truck 620 (Leesburg), and Captain 618.

The Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management and the American Red Cross are assisting the displaced residents. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


More pictures and video available by clicking HERE.

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March 23, 2014

2014 Cascades 10K and .911 Fun Run

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We are excited to host the 12th Annual Cascades 10K Fire Chase and .911 Fun Run on May 24th, 2014. The race will start at 8am, with the fun run immediately following, at the Lowe’s Island Community Center in Sterling, VA. It’s a great course set in Lowes Island and there are a lot of great prizes. As always, we will be providing food and entertainment. We will have all our fire trucks, rescue vehicles and the Office of Emergency Management Incident Command bus there for people to see in addition to sponsor tables. Dogs and strollers are welcome – we hope to see you there! To register, go to: You can also follow the excitement on Facebook on the Cascades 10K Fire Chase and 911 Fun Run page, and you can let your Facebook friends know you’re coming by signing up here. Hope to see you there!

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