August 30, 2008

New Quint 618 in service

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The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company is proud to place in service our newest apparatus, Quint 618. This new unit is a 2008 Smeal and features a 105 foot ladder, 500 gallons of water, and a 2000 GPM pump, along with all the other hoses, ladders, and tools we use to serve the Sterling community. It will primarily run out of firestation 18, in Cascades. It has already run its first call, fuel leaking from a vehicle at 10:00 on Saturday morning. Look for it in the area feel free to stop by and check it out in person.

Photo by: Mike Sanders

You can listen to the radio announcement here.

You can hear it’s first response here.

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August 25, 2008

Crew 4 Makes the Save

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Aug 24 – Crew 4 had an unusually busy Sunday shift starting early at 8:00 am with a medical assist and finishing up more than 15 calls later with a mulch fire after 1:00 am. Intermixed between all the action, the crew was able to squeeze in some interesting training on aerial stokes basket rescues, hose streams, and placing in service a flying standpipe. Not discounting any of this, the highlight of the shift was easily the cardiac arrest at around 10:00pm.

The call was dispatched while Engine 618 was just clearing from a fire alarm. Ambulance 25, who was also having a very busy day, was out of position and on the road clearing from another call. Medic 6 from Ashburn was added to the dispatch to complete the advanced life support assignment. SERV618 also responded on the call from the station with additional on-duty staff.

SERV18 was first to arrive on the scene closely followed by Engine 618. Sterling Fire was able to get 8 volunteer EMT’s and First Responders to the patient in less than 6 minutes from dispatch. Luckily, a family member had been trained in CPR and was helping out the patient prior to Crew 4’s arrival. This was a key factor to the successful outcome of this call.

EMT’s from Crew 4 assessed the patient and took over CPR efforts while administering the automatic external defibrillator. The first shock was delivered just as Ambulance 25 arrived on the scene. CPR continued and a second shock was administered shortly after the arrival of Medic 6. As the medic made his initial assessment of the patient, she began to breathe on her own and her pulse had returned.

The patient was quickly transferred to the medic unit and prepared for transport. While en route to the hospital, the medic reported that the patient’s condition was slowly improving and that she was awake and complaining that her chest hurt. These were all good signs.

Responders from the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad and Loudoun County Fire and Rescue worked together with the Sterling Volunteer Fire Company to take over the care started by a quick acting family member resulting in a truly life-saving effort. Good job to all.

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August 13, 2008

One overturned- 28 at Waxpool Rd.

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Shortly after clearing a fire at Seneca Middle school, units from Sterling and Ashburn were dispatched to Route 28 at Waxpool road for the auto accident with reports of one trapped. Loudoun County Battalion Chief (as well as former member and long time friend to the Sterling Volunteer Fire Company) Roger Martin, returning to quarters from the box was literally passing the scene as the call was being dispatched. The Chief marked on scene within moments, reporting one vehicle overturned with one occupant trapped, and multiple other patients requiring attention.

Engine 611 (LCFR staffed) and Rescue Squad 615 (SVFC staffed) arrived on the scene moments later, securing hazards, stabilizing the vehicle, deploying a protective hand line and rapidly extricating the patient from the pickup truck. Once removed patient care was transferred to the extremely talented LCFR medic from 23. The squad then took up as Engine 611 established a landing zone for Aircare and Medstar helicopters arriving the transport 2 of the 3 patients to a local trauma center.

The extremely professional manner in which this incident was handled is a testament to the talent and dedication of both the paid and volunteer personnel on scene, and proof that a combination system can continue to work in Loudoun county.

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August 10, 2008

HazMat for Crew 7

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August 9, 2008 – Crew 7 responded to a call for an investigation in the area of Glenn Drive. Upon arrival, they discovered a strong smell of chlorine and a citizen directed the crews to an area believed to have some spilled powder. This call was upgraded to a hazardous material response with the addition of LCFR HazMat units from South Riding Station 19, two battalion chiefs, a safety officer and additional units from Sterling Volunteer Fire to include HazMat Support 18.

These units worked together to plan an entry to attempt to indentify the spilled powder and make an assessment on the hazards. Ultimately, the materials were detemrined to be safe and inert, however the call demonstrated that the combined company’s HazMat training has paid off as everything went smoothly.

Photos are of members of Sterling Volunteer Fire Crew 7 performing decontamination and cleanup on the entry team from South Riding’s HazMat 19 crew.

Photo Credit: Lt. George Short

HazMat Support 18 Crew 7 Cleaning Up

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