September 26, 2009

Tower 11 to Ashburn for the House

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Shortly after 2 AM on Saturday, September 26th, while the members of duty crew 2 assigned to the engine were tucked away safely in bed, Tower 611 was dispatched for the House in the Brambelton section of Ashburn. First arriving Engine 623 found fire venting from windows from the second floor on sides B and C, and made quick work of the room fully involved. Tower 611 arrived as the first special service unit, and quickly went to work preforming a primary and secondary search, ventilating, placing ground ladders, controlling utilities, and opening up for the Engine companies. After the bulk of the fire was knocked down command held E623 and TL611 on the fire floor to assist the investigator and preform overhaul. Sterling members operated for 2.5 hours, being the last unit on the scene. Another outstanding by both career and volunteer members of LCFR’s combination system.

Box Alarm @ 0213: E623, E606, E622, ER609, TL611, T601, A623, Captain 606, BC614

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September 23, 2009

Apartment Fire for Crew 6

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Just after 9pm on Tuesday, September 22nd, Tankner 618, Quint 611, Engines 439 (from Fairfax) and 622 (from Ashburn), TowerLadder 611, Truck 606 (Ashburn), Rescue 615 and Medic 615 (from SVRS), Ambulance 623, Battalion 602 and Captain 611 were alerted for an apartment fire in a retirement community. The initial dispatch reported that there was smoke in the building and one person trapped. Assistant Rescue Chief 606, Wagon 606, and Chief 611 also responded, with Chief 611 arriving on the scene first and reporting smoke in the hallway. A victim was located and turned over to Medic 615 for treatment while crews from Quint 611 and Engine 439 entered the apartment. TowerLadder 611 began searching the rest of the building and checking on specific apartments where people had been reported as possibly needing assistance. The fire was contained to the oven with no extension. Crews continued to check on residents and began ventilation of the structure. Most units were released to service while a few units remained to continue to ventilate and to reset the fire alarm system.

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September 11, 2009

Sterling Remembers 9-11 Event

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The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank those who came out on Friday, September 11th to honor us, and all those who have given so much in the last 8 years. The event was hosted by Chick-fil-A at Sugarland Crossing. The event featured the men and women of SVFC and SVRS, and many others from our community including the Park View High School Marching Patriots and the Dominion High School drum line. We always love to meet those we serve, particularly when they’re not experiencing an emergency.

Many local businesses sponsored the event and made a generous donation to both departments. We want to particularly recognize:

SVFC members enjoying a Chick-fil-A dinner

SVFC members as the evening winds down

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September 10, 2009

Vehicle into a Structure for Crew 5

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Just after 4:00am on Thursday Tanker 618, Engine, TowerLadder, and Quint 611, Engine and Squad 439 from Fairfax, Trucks 606 and 601, Ambulance 6253, Captain 611, and Battalion Chief 602 were alerted for a vehicle into a structure. Squad 615 added on to the call. A full “box alarm” is dispatched for calls like this due to the dangers of collapse and the possibility of fire, possibly fed by broken gas lines. Dispatch reported that the front wall of a townhouse was struck and that the caller reported the “entire front wall was destroyed”. Tanker 618 arrived on scene and found a passenger car with its nose through the front window and what appeared to be minor damage to the window frame. Arriving crews stabilized the vehicle and made a quick assessment of the risk of further collapse. The crew from Squad 439, trained as a Technical Rescue Operations Team, made a more detailed assessment. Command requested a fire marshal and building inspector from Loudoun County and released most of the assignment.

Photos by: David Short

As described, vehicle into a structure

The window is shored up to provide stability until repairs are made

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September 6, 2009

House Fire for Crew 7

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Just before 6pm on Saturday, September 5th Engines 611, 618, 623 (from Ashburn) and 439 (from Fairfax), TowerLadder 611, Rescue 439, Ambulance 615, Battalion 601, EMS 601, Safety Officer 600, and Captain 611 were alerted for a house fire on North Sterling Boulevard. Dispatch reported multiple calls reporting a fire at the back of the house. Battalion 603 also responded as a 2nd BC and Battalion 401 from Fairfax responded with the Fairfax units. Engine 611 arrived on scene and reported what appeared to be an extinguished outside fire on the deck to the rear of the house. Units investigated further to ensure that the fire was completely out and to help remove smoke from the house as the rest of the units were arriving. Once these task were completed command began to release units to return to service.

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