March 31, 2010

Fiery Auto Accident for Engines 611 and 618

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Just before 7:30 pm on Tuesday, as crews were finishing dinner and preparing to train, Engine 611 and Ambulance 615 (Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad) were dispatched to Fairfax County for an auto fire. Dispatch reported that it was actually an auto accident with fire on Route 7 right at the county line, and that Fairfax was also responding. Captain 611 also responded to assist. Engine 611 arrived from the west side moments before Engine 439 arrived from the east to find a four car crash with one car fully involved and a second car burning. Fairfax had added a second engine, so Engine 404, Rescue and Medic 439, and Battalion 403 soon arrived fro the east. Engine crews began attacking the fire while the EMS crews attended to the patients. As Engine 611 was establishing a water supply the hydrant broke loose from the ground and began to lean over. Engine 618 was dispatched to provide a water supply for Engine 611. Two additional EMS units from Sterling Rescue were also called to the scene to assist with additional patients. Crews remained on scene for over an hour doing overhaul and clean up.

Photos provided by Dennis Haeberle and Jeff Brown

Two of four cars were burning

E611 stretching a hose line

Engine 618s supply line crossing Route 7 and the frontage road to a working hydrant

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March 8, 2010

Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery

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The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company wants to remind you that Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 14th. At 02:00am clocks should be reset to 03:00am (“spring forward”). When you reset your clocks it is also a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and CO detectors. Smoke detectors should be tested regularly and the batteries replaced twice a year to ensure they always have enough power to sound the alarm should it be needed. Be sure to test it after the new batteries are installed. While you’re changing the batteries check for a manufacture or install date on the detector. Most smoke detectors have a maximum functional life of 10 years, so you may want to consider replacing the entire detector if it’s approaching that age. If you are unsure about the age replace the unit with a new one. If you have questions or require assistance please contact us (via our non-emergency number) and we will be happy to help you remain safe.

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March 2, 2010

Fire School: Consumption Test and Maze

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On Sunday recruit firefighters from Loudoun County began the fire portion of their recruit school. After completing the EMS training (either First Responder or EMT-B), they will now move on to “fire school” where they’ll earn both Firefighter I and II, and other related certifications. The first day is usually the Consumption Test. Recruits are taught how to properly wear and operate in their gear and are required to preform a variety of physically demanding tasks, consuming all the air in their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Recruits are also sent through a maze to help them learn how to operate in unfamiliar environments with limited visibility. Portions of the maze are intentionally confining and have features designed to make passage difficult. Recruits must become proficient in operating in difficult, uncomfortable, and stressful circumstances. SVFC Associate David Payne has posted his photos from the day here.

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