June 27, 2011

Structure Fire in Fairfax for Quint and Canteen 611

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Just after 10am on Sunday Engine 404 from Fairfax was dispatched for an investigation for an odor of smoke in a building. They arrived on scene of a restaurant in Herndon to find significant smoke in the structure and asked for a complete structure fire assignment. As crews found and extinguished fire throughout the building Engine 619 from South Riding was called to fill Fairfax Station 415 in Chantilly, as E415 was filling station 404 in Herndon. Command asked for an additional two engines and a truck, bringing Quint 611 from Sterling. The Quint crew assisted with the extensive overhaul operation required to assure that the fire was extinguished and had not spread. As operations continued command requested a canteen unit to assist with rehab, bringing Canteen 611 to the scene.

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June 17, 2011

Busy Saturday for Crew 1

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Crew 1 started their Saturday with equipment and unit check out, breakfast, house cleaning, and maintenance. The plan for the day included a Stokes basket drill and a few public education stops, including a birthday party. Around 11:30am Engine 618 received the first call of the day for Crew 1, a property damage accident just around the corner from Fire Station 618 (Cascades). A few minutes later Engine 611 was dispatched for another property damage accident. Dispatch quickly called E611 to inform them that they were getting reports that a vehicle had gone through the front of a store and that they were upgrading the assignment to a collapse response. This added TowerLadder 611 and Chief 611 from Sterling, Engine 623 (Moorefield), Wagon and Truck 606 (Ashburn), Engine 404 and TowerLadder 436 from Fairfax, Battalion Chief 601, EMS 601, and Safety Officer 600 from LCFR, and Medic 615-3 and Trauma 615-2 from Sterling Rescue. Engine 618 cleared their accident and responded as well. Units quickly arrived and assessed the damage and mitigated immediate hazards, releasing most units after a few minutes. Within an hour Engine 618 and TowerLadder 611 were responding to a fire alarm at a retirement community. During the rest of the afternoon Engine 618 responded to another auto accident, and EMS call, and a carbon monoxide detector alarm. Just before 8pm Engines 611, 618, 623, Wagon 606, TowerLadder 611, TowerLadder 606, Trauma 615-2, Battalion Chief 601, and Chief 611 were alerted for a house fire in Sterling Park. The call turned out to be an outside fire and units were returned. The evening brought an EMS call and a fire alarm for TowerLadder 611. The overnight hours were quiet until Engine 618 was dispatched for an auto accident around 4:45am. This tuned out to be an overturned vehicle. Crew 3 relieved Crew 1 at 7:00am and Sterling was quiet for the rest of the weekend.

Photos by: Louis Glazier and Trey Dean

Stokes basket training

Overturned vehicle

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