September 24, 2011

Busy evening in Sterling

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Just before 6:00pm shift change the career staff on Engines 611 and 618 were dispatched to Fairfax for a fire in Herndon which went to two alarms. Volunteers began their 6:00pm shift a little early on reserve units. Just before 8:30pm Engine, Tower, and Chief 611, Quint 618, along with Engine 412 and Rescue 439 (Fairfax), Engines 606 and 622 (Ashburn), and Ambulances 615-3 and 625-3 (Sterling Rescue) were alerted for a structure fire in a nursing home. A caller had reported smoke in an auditorium. Quint 618 arrived quickly to find no smoke or fire evident and began investigating. While units were investigating dispatch contacted command to inform them that they were preparing to dispatch a house fire in Sterling Park. Engines 404, 436, and 439 (Fairfax), Engine 303 (Dulles Airport), Truck 606 (Ashburn), TowerLadder 436 (Fairfax), Deputy Chief 601 (Leesburg) and Battalion 603 (Loudoun) were dispatched. Battalions 601 (Loudoun) and 401 (Fairfax), Chief 615 (Sterling Rescue), and Engine 412 (Fairfax) diverted to the second call. Rescue 439 and Engine 622 were released from the other call to respond. Wagon 611 responded with a come from home crew. Truck 606 arrived on scene first and began a search while their driver controlled utilities and deployed ground ladders. Wagon 611 reported smoke visible from the rear, initiated an interior attack, and quickly reported the fire knocked down.

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September 15, 2011

Busy night for Crew 5

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Just after 9:30pm Wagon 606 (Ashburn) was alerted for an investigation near Fire Station 6. As they responded dispatch advised they were upgrading the call to a structure fire response due to a report of smoke in the structure. This brought Engine 618 and Tower 611 from Sterling. With no hydrants in the area Wagon 606 called for a tanker task force, which brought Wagon 611 as a fill site engine. After further investigation no fire was discovered and units returned to service. As units were returning to quarters Wagon 611 was sent back to Ashburn for another reported house fire, and Tower 611 was still in the area and responded. Captain 611 responded as a command officer. Units arrived to find what appeared to be a lightning strike with active fire showing. As units were beginning to extinguish that fire there was another house fire reported in Sterling. Engine 618, along with Engines 439, 412, and 404, and Rescue 439 from Fairfax, Truck 601 from Leesburg, and Medic 625-2 (SVRS). Chief 611 responded as a command officer. Since Truck 601 was closer to the scene in Ashburn they switched assignments with Tower 611, which responded to the call in Sterling. Quint 618 responded with volunteers who came from home, and Wagon 606 responded after clearing the investigation call that they were on. Squad 615 (SVRS) responded as well. Engine 618 arrived on scene reporting active fire in the attic area. Chief 615 (SVRS) arrived and established command while units began an interior attack. The fire was brought under control quickly and units began extensive cleanup. Canteen 611 responded to provide refreshments. During this time Engine 303 from Dulles Airport handled a fire alarm call in Sterling, and communications handled a heavy workload of additional calls and station transfers throughout the county.

Photos and video available HERE

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September 10, 2011

Rain keeps SVFC busy

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The last few days have been busy for the SVFC, the career staff at our stations, and the entire region. In addition to the usual fire alarms, EMS calls, auto accidents, etc. crews have been running many flooded basement calls, water rescue calls, and even a dog rescue. You can see photos and a video of the water rescue on our flickr page HERE, and read a short writeup at

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September 5, 2011

SVFC assists with Rivercrest Triathlon

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Members of the SVFC were invited to assist with the Rivercrest Triathlon on Labor Day Monday. A volunteer crew staffed Quint 618 for the event and provided relief for the participants via a refreshing stream from the aerial ladder. The SVFC is proud to support the community who supports us.

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HAZMAT for Crew 1

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Just after noon on Sunday Engine 618 was dispatched for an investigation in Lowes Island. The caller reported a chemical odor that they wanted investigated. After an initial investigation Engine 618 asked for a full HAZMAT assignment. This brought Engine, Tower, and Chief 611, Engine, Medic, and Rescue 439 (Reston), Engine 412 (Great Falls), Tower 606 (Ashburn), Ambulance 625-2 (Sterling Rescue), EMS Battalion Chief 601, and Safety Officer 600. Units began a search for the source, eventually locating it and determining that it was not hazardous. Units began to return to service, also ventilating the structure to remove the odor. Canteen 611 was dispatched due to the length and nature of the incident. During this time Engine 622 (Ashburn) was transferred to Fire Station 618, and off duty volunteers came from home to staff Wagon 611 at Fire Station 611. Wagon 611 ran an elevator entrapment call.

Photos from the scene are available HERE.

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House Fire for Crew 6

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On Saturday as severe weather was approaching Engines 611 and 618 were dispatched to Ashburn for a reported house fire. Captain 611 responded as a command officer. Tower 606 arrived on the scene with smoke and fire showing from the roof, with Wagon 606 arriving soon after.. Units from Company 6 began an interior attack, searching for occupants and the seat of the fire. Wagon 601 from Leesburg took a back up line into the structure while Truck 601 began assisting with fire attack. Engine 611 was third arriving engine and took a hose line to the rear of the house should it be needed. Engine 618 arrived forth and assumed Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) duties. Interior units located the fire in the attic and began to extinguish it. Most of the fire was knocked down in about 10 minutes and crews began checking for extension to ensure that the fire was completely out.

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September 2, 2011

SPC Douglas J. Green killed in Afghanistan

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The SVFC is saddened to learn that one of our own, Doug Green, who served with us in 2008-2009 before joining the military, was killed in Afghanistan on August 28th. You can read more about his life outside of SVFC here. There will be a memorial service held at Potomac Falls High School (get directions) at 7pm on Saturday, September 3rd. The SVFC is saddened by the loss and stands with his friends and family in this difficult time.

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