February 27, 2012

Auto Accident with Entrapment for Crew 5

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Almost 24 hours after the entrapment call for Crew 3 Engine 618 was alerted along with Ambulance 625-1 (SVRS) for an auto accident near the Dulles Town Center mall. Tanker was training with Engine 618 and responded as well. Units arrived on scene to find a 3 vehicle accident with a patient trapped. They called for additional resources, bringing an additional ambulance, Rescue 615 (SVRS), Battalion Chief 601 and EMS 601 (LCFR). ALS 615 and Tower 611 also responded, along with Captain 611. Engine and Tanker 618 stabilized the vehicle and began extrication while Ambulance 625-1 treated the patient. The patient was quickly removed from the vehicle and transferred to EMS units on scene.

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February 26, 2012

Auto Accident with Entrapment for Crew 3

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Just after 6pm on Saturday Engine 618, along with Ambulance 625-3, Trauma 625-2, and Rescue Squad 615 (SVRS), Medic 622 (Ashburn), Rescue 439 (Reston), Captain 601 (Leesburg), and Safety Officer 600 (LCFR) were alerted for an auto accident with a patient trapped on Potomac View road. EMS601 (LCFR) and Captain 611 also responded. Engine 618 arrived on scene to find a single vehicle accident with one patient still in the vehicle. They began to stabilize the vehicle and assess the patient. Once the vehicle was stabilized the patient was removed and transferred to EMS units on scene for further care.

Stabilizing the vehicle to prevent further injury and to protect responders

Extricating the patient

Cleaning up
Photos by: Charles Frey

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February 22, 2012

Townhouse Fire for Career Staff

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About 30 minutes before shift change the career staff of Engine 618, and Engine and Tower 611, were alerted for a townhouse fire in Sugarland. Dispatched advised that they were receiving multiple calls and believed it to be a working incident. Units from Fairfax (Engine and Rescue 439), Ashburn (Engine 622), LCFR (Battalion Chiefs 601 and 603, Safety Officer 600) and SVRS (Ambulance 625-1) were also dispatched. SVFC members arriving for shift change and running from home also responded in Wagon 611, Quint 611, and Rescue 615. Engine 618 arrived on scene to find heavy smoke with fire showing from the 2nd floor and attic area of an end unit townhouse. Arriving units quickly extinguished the fire and took efforts to minimize damage to property. While units were on scene of the townhouse fire SVFC members responded to other calls in the Sterling area in Tanker 618 and Engine 404 from Fairfax filled at Station 611 to answer any calls there. Canteen 611 also responded to provide refreshment for crews on the townhouse fire.

More photos and video from the scene available HERE.

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February 18, 2012

Cascades 10K Fire Chase & 911 Fun Run

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Race planning is in full gear and we’re excited about our 10 year anniversary. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates about this year’s race. Looking forward to seeing everyone May 26th this year! You can get more details from Run Washington by clicking HERE.

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February 17, 2012

Double Box Alarms for Sterling Units

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Just before 7:15 on Friday morning the career staff on Engine and Tower 611 was dispatched to Ashburn for a structure fire. Engine 623 had been dispatched for an automatic fire alarm and arrived on scene to find smoke in the structure. No fire was found and units were in an investigation mode to find the source of the smoke. As units were being released another structure fire was dispatched in Sterling. Career staff responded on Engine 618 while SVFC members responded in Quint 611. Captain 611 responded as a command officer. Units clearing from the Ashburn call, including Engine and Tower 611, also responded. Quint 611 arrived on scene to find smoke in the structure but no fire evident. Units from Sterling, Ashburn, and Fairfax investigated the source of the smoke and ensured that there was no active fire in the building. Command released most units to return to service while Sterling units continued to investigate.

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Gore Volunteer F&R Department Loss

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The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company stands with the Gore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (Frederick Co, VA) in their time of loss. Firefighter Zachary Whitacre was killed while on duty. Our thoughts and prayers are also with his family, friends, coworkers, and the community he served.

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February 11, 2012

Two Box Alarms for Crew 7

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At 9:17pm on Friday Engine 611 was alerted for a house fire in Fairfax County. Captain 611 responded as a command officer. Engine 611 arrived 3rd behind Engines 439 and 404. Engine 439 arrived to find a slight haze of smoke in the house and no fire evident. Units staged until the investigation was complete. Just before 3:30am on Saturday Engine, Tower, and Captain 611 were alerted for a structure fire in Ashburn. They responded along with Engine and Medic 623, and Ambulance 699 from Moorefield, Reserve Engines 606, 622, Tower 606, Safety Officer 606 from Ashburn, Tower 436 from Fairfax, and Battalion 603 (LCFR). There was smoke reported in the lobby of the Embassy Suites Hotel. Engine 623 arrived on scene and reported smoke on the first floor. Engine and Tower 611 arrived and took positions in the rear of the structure. Units investigating the source of the smoke finally found the cause in the air conditioning system. Smoke was removed from the structure and units returned to service.

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February 9, 2012

Alexandria Fire Department loss

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The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company stands with the Alexandria Fire Department in their time of loss. Paramedic Joshua Weissman passed away from injuries received while on duty. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, coworkers, and the community he served.

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February 2, 2012

Structure Fire for Crew 2

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On Monday night just before 10pm Engine 611, Tanker 618, and Quint 618 (running as the truck company from Station 11) were alerted, along with Engine 404 (Herndon), Engine and Rescue 439 (Reston – Northpoint), Tower 606 (Ashburn), Ambulance 615-2 (SVRS), Assistant Chief 618, Battalion Chief 603, and Safety Officer 606 for a structure fire in a local laundry mat. Volunteers from home responded in Quint 611, and Safety Officer 402 responded from Fairfax. Callers reported smoke in the structure and people running out of the building. Quint 611 arrived on scene to find smoke inside and a laundry cart on fire outside. It appeared that someone had removed the burning materials from the building. That fire was extinguished while crews checked the inside of the building to make sure that there was no additional fire. Once all the fire was confirmed to be out other units began removing smoke from the building. The scene was turned over to a Loudoun County Fire Marshal for investigation.

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