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The Bylaws of the Sterling Volunteer Fire Department establish the rules and procedures by which the Department operates.
The responsibilities and rights of members, selection of officers and their duties, financial controls, general agenda for membership meetings, and other organizational procedures are established and described in the official Bylaws of the Department. Moreover, the Department must have Bylaws to maintain its status as a tax-exempt organization.
Like all effective documents that establish rules and procedures, the Bylaws provide the means for members to amend the Bylaws so they remain flexible to changing needs or requirements.
The Bylaws Committee is responsible for administering the Amendment process in accordance with Article X of the Bylaws and also provides a “final interpretation” of the Bylaws documents if differing opinions prevail.
Committee members review all proposed amendments. Generally, members meet in Committee Session to discuss the proposals and insure that other Articles of the Bylaws that may be affected by the proposed change have also been addressed. The Committee then recommends adoption or rejection of the proposal to the SVFD Board of Directors. The SVFD membership votes during a general meeting to approve or reject Amendment proposals.
The current goal of the Bylaws Committee is to evaluate the entire Bylaws document and initiate proposed Amendments, as needed, to clarify language and to insure consistency and compliance with the Department’s Articles of Incorporation.
Ideally, the Bylaws Committee membership will represent all aspects of the Department including Operational and Associate members, those with long-term service as well as new Department members.
The Bylaws Committee welcomes Company members who are interested in serving on the Committee and participating in this important service.